Saturday, March 8, 2014

New Wedding Ring Set

I been asking myself many time..Do we really need a new wedding ring sets after our diamond ring was stolen by those idiot that broken into our house in November 2009? I always remember the month as we went to our monthly check up and due to emergency, my gynecologist was called for surgery and we have to wait for more than 2 hours just for her return. During the waiting time, few idiot barged into our house and managed to carted around 30K away including our diamond ring. We never went and buy a new set as i think it is not necessary as it is only a ring. But things are getting better now, I might be considering getting a new set for us :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Best Bra Here I Come!

I will be needing the Best Bra that I can afford to buy. Its been 23 months and still counting breast feeding Little-D2 and guess what, this pesky little fellow favour only the left side in which making my breast imbalance! My right side is small than the left side and it is very obvious!! No thanks to those nursing that that do not have any support as well and body really look weird and imbalance.. I am making a note to myself, after I wean him off, I am going to get the Best Body shaper no matter how!Either I fork out the money myself or I am so going to ask hubby to sponsor me! Don't he dare to say no to me !! After so long I been sacrificing myself wearing old and ugly look bra just because I need to nurse his son (well, its my reason of course. The truth is that I am trying to ask him to sponsor me :P) Don't get me wrong, I enjoy nursing my son and of course, its the best thing I ever did! But after so long, I still will reward myself for my achievement :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Love Preloved Item Group

Just saw a "brand new" Burago Ferrari Race & Play Auto Service Center selling quite cheap price inside a group. Very tempted to buy and keep for Little-D2 2nd birthday in 1.5 months time. Hopefully the seller will lower down a little bit the price, if she can, I will surely get it right away. Not sure for you all, but for me, I really like to go into those group that sell preloved item because there are not only preloved item for sell, they are selling new item or unwanted gift presented to them at a lower price! Same thing goes for used tooling for sale in that particular group as well. Saw a few tools that might be useful for my next project!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Delay Delay

Its been a very busy year end and new year for me! Just see my blog, its been stagnant for quite sometimes!! How busy am i? Hit the sack at around 3 in the morning and wake up at 7.30 in the morning to wake up my eldest for his school. Then try to catch up some sleep again and then wake up at again and rush to work. Before that, I need to settled with the younger one as well! sharp 12.30pm, I need to move my butt out from the office and fetch my elder one then proceed back home to cook for my younger one =.=" and then feed him and then only we go out for lunch! By 3.00pm I need to step back into the office and starts finishing my ever finish workload! haih! by 6.00pm time to go back if i can finish my work..otherwise i will be staying in the office until 7.30pm and then rush back home again to go dinner with them.. by 9.30pm, go back home, play with them, bath and then let them sleep..and my work continue..until 3 in the morning..and the routine will go on everyday..

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Princess Tutu Table Skirts

Just got a job and this person require me to help her to get ready these table skirts by end of next week. Nice? I think its really pretty as its look like princess tutu skirts She wanted something similar like those inside the photos , so I will be really really busy to think of the design this whole week. Anything just buzz me if you have my line number, otherwise, you will need to wait if you left me comment as I will only be free when I am done with all the things on hand :)


yes, I am too lazy to go out. Its a nice Sunday evening but I am too lazy to go out. I wish I can just sleep right now but too bad. My two monkeys is still active and running around!
Guess I can only sleep when both of the are out of battery!

I cant even open my eyes now! Sleep!