Thursday, February 13, 2014

Best Bra Here I Come!

I will be needing the Best Bra that I can afford to buy. Its been 23 months and still counting breast feeding Little-D2 and guess what, this pesky little fellow favour only the left side in which making my breast imbalance! My right side is small than the left side and it is very obvious!! No thanks to those nursing that that do not have any support as well and body really look weird and imbalance.. I am making a note to myself, after I wean him off, I am going to get the Best Body shaper no matter how!Either I fork out the money myself or I am so going to ask hubby to sponsor me! Don't he dare to say no to me !! After so long I been sacrificing myself wearing old and ugly look bra just because I need to nurse his son (well, its my reason of course. The truth is that I am trying to ask him to sponsor me :P) Don't get me wrong, I enjoy nursing my son and of course, its the best thing I ever did! But after so long, I still will reward myself for my achievement :)

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