Monday, January 22, 2007

D3ViL RuL3s!

The devil side of me is more powerful compare with the angel side and turn out that I burn my money again -_-“ . DEVIL RULES! for the week..

Even though not much compare with last month, whereby nearly reach the limit of the card but still have to stretch every cents in my pocket -.-“ as it is the middle of the month. How I hope today is the first week of the month so I can shop shop shop until I drop! Yeah! hopefully won't drop my pant hehehe

Small damage(s).. as seen below..

RM 5 each only..!! bought 3 actually.

the material used is so darn nice! worth it worth it!
bought in sunway pyramid! ^^

Bought this at Rm 49.90 in mid valley.. a subsitution for the one i like so much but not feeling comfy in it -.-". End up choose this one instead..

Up next, addition of plus toys to my collection ..

go these two cutey in summit for around RM 25.00 with the clamping machine they have it at the "ta kei cheung" . By the way, for your information, i never ever buy plush toys since 6 years ago when we (me and hubby) start to play with those claimping machine.. why want to buy since we can get it there ^^.

** Warning, its might cause addiction for those freshie**

My advice, if you cannot get it by the time u lost RM 10, STOP IMMEDIATELY! or else..u will be banging your head on your car/house/washroom/bedroom/ your gf room/ fill in your own word door!

cute or not?

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