Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Busy CNY

aw..just got back from hubby home in penang..damn exhausted and damn tired..

My normal routine before CNY:-
1. 1 day before CNY- left office either ask my bro or colleague to send me back to cheras

2. nite time before CNY - watch tv, eat eat eat and eat with family then continue to watch tv until my eyes cannot open anymore and dead drop on my bed. (that if i dint stayed up until 3 or 4 am and wait for parent to finish waiting for the god of wealth)

3. CNY day - wake up like 10 or 11 am with ang pau beside me..hehehe what a super duper feeling..yeah

4. CNY day - watch tv , eat eat eat eat and eat..

5. CNY second day - sisters will come home with bro in law.. and chat chat chat, eat eat eat until the time for me to go either airport or bus station and way to go to penang..

6. reached penang - pai lin & collect ang pau, then continue to eat eat eat and visit hubby relative(s)

7. go shopping here and there..and play play play eat eat eat until the day i back to subang.

BUT..this this year is totally different cause i am married ....and my happy routine turned into nightmare -.-""

1. before CNY have to go back penang already..with hubby

2. the day before CNY - woke up at 7.00am (hubby sleep like a PIG!) mom in law to do a lists of thingy..have to follow hubby to pray at here and there..damn tired..

3. 1st day of CNY - .. lucky no need to cook..but need to go visit relatives...damn damn tired..somemore need to give people ang pau, kau sai!

4. 2nd of CNY - woke up at 7.00 am again and start to help mom in law to cook..eventhough not me who is the one who cook..but helping here and there ..i can tell u, is damn hell -.-"

see..there goes my happy moment of i wish i can have back my lovely CNY moment..waaa...!! ( The above list is for comparison only, Not detailed information..if i were to list down all the things..i think i will need 1 or 2 days to blog ler for this entry)

No photo, lazy to upload..maybe next entry lar..need to rest and sleep more..


for those who read my blog, PLEASE DONT COME AND FIND ME!! I AM BROKE!

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