Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine Day everyone..

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Warning..Long entry..

14 February, a BIG day for many peoples especially those who found the other half of themselves. For me, it’s just a normal day whereby those sales or business men or women will sharpen their knives sharp enough to slice the throat of those innocent lovers who wanted to give a surprise for their loves one on this particular day..

Was sitting at the pillar bench yester-night at Summit USJ while waiting for hubby to choose his DVD, saw this business lady who shares the same shop with the DVD seller was standing and non-stop arranging and making a boutique of flower out from those small cute soft toys and those don’t know how to spell the name branded chocolate. A common view during the eve of valentine. Correct? She keep on complaining that her fingers are very painful due to non-stop order from the client regardless their where they came from and what is their religion. Think is valentine day is an universal day for all.

Imagine this: - She is selling 1 stalk of the soft toy (small with keychain one? Normally selling at around 3.90 – 6.90 depending on location) at RM 15.00 per stalk. The cost is only RM 1.00 or maybe less depends on quantity ordered. Just assume the colorful paper or plastic or other decoration cost maximum RM 3.00 totaled the net cost would be RM 5.00 after added in with RM 1.00 for the labor cost. I think you yourself can count the percentage of profit earned. Aaawww...i can’t imagine how much hubby had spent on those fresh flower and those soft toy bouquet for the past 6 years. (**slap forehead hard hard**)

The examples of the type the lady was doing..
(sorry ler no real i pinjam from this

I shall begin to upgrade my skill and start making and selling for next year! Yeah! I shall! Who want to share with me! Or maybe we can test the market for coming Christmas..? (**grin big big**)

By the way, my gift this year is nothing to do with flower, candy, chocolate or whatsoever that you normally can relate it to valentine day. Mine this year is my Hammie and Minnie!!

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