Friday, March 2, 2007

Lazy day

weeee....finally its friday! last day of the week to work!!! Been waiting until my neck also want to drop off. hehehe
quite busy compared with past few days in which my brain cant even digest what is going on...

Today dinner was cancel..bah..means i need to think what to eat for dinner again..thought i can have someone to make the decision for us (me and hubby) as we dont know what to eat....When i am lazy to think what to eat for a particular meal, i will just order nasi ayam...i can just ate that straight for 3 or 4 days without fail until the stage whereby i see it, i will vomit..and then only change menu... -.-"

i miss my sweet comfy matress..waaa...i will sleep until the sun rise and slap my butt hard hard then only wake up..wahahahaha..must break my own record.. 4.20 pm. Yeah!

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