Friday, May 25, 2007


I dont have enough sleep.. this is what happen this early morning while I am still nozzing away in my wet sweet dream.

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[hub] - wei, let you guess what is the time now

[me] - zzz, uhhum, zzz

[hub] - wei (trying to shake me a bit to wake me up)

[me] - zzz, har, dont know, what time now?

[hub] - *in happy voice* Now is 6 am already. I just finished my report

[me] - HAR! you just finished. Go to sleep lar.zzz

[hub] - Can't sleep, since I can't sleep, so i come and kacau (disturb) you up.
*and he starts to tickle my ear*

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When i am about to fully wake up, he went to sleep..KNNCCB! So I am a bit fussy today. Thanks to him!


AceOne118 said...

Syiok-syiok tidur kena kacau kah! hahaha

-ritchie- said... time u wake up earlier kacau him back..

MonkeyWong said...

I bet u wanna to sleep in ur 2day, hav another wet, oops, is sweet dream lah!

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Hahahaha!! Damn gila man he!! Hehehe!

Huei said...

woahhh!! i would've killed my bf if he did that!!!!

Wilson said...


yung . said...

wuahahaha! don't be fussy larh, will old faster one :D

Sweetpea said...

hahaaha... u do a superman stunt on him lar! dive right on top! sure to wake him one! revenge!