Friday, May 11, 2007

Movie Anyone??

Me and hubby would be going for movie marathon tonight as we missed the premier for both movies because I am so darn tired I dont even want to move my hand and leg.

I just drop dead on my so comfortable matress that we bought for our wedding after he helped me to massage my back. With the air-con on, dim lighting, so comfy and nice! * Dont start to think side way ok!* Its just a normal massage!

Got really bad backache these days, old lady is like that i guess. Cant even think how am I suppose to bear a baby inside my tummy for 9 months..I am going to buy a wheel chair i guess or maybe just be on the bed for the whole duration.... *dreaming*

Alright just leave that, my entry going side way already, all nonsense thing came out..

My hubby gave me a frowning face this morning when i told him to pick only 1 movie instead of two which will be super duper tiring and not counting the rushing of the time because he said he want to catch up the 2 movie at 9 ++ pm and the another one at 11++ pm.

Thus,after i've checked the website for reservation, i figured it out that we actually dont have any spare time in between the end of one movie and the starting of the other. geesh!! Its like you will need to eat and shit at the same time ..
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Anyway, I managed to reserved for 1 movie only because the rest of the time is fully booked. Well, dont think i can escape either, because my hubby said, we will go there and wait for those people who cannot turn up for their ticket.. and upon hearing, i went like this..
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These are the 2 movie that my hubby die die also want to go watch today. Please pray that we cannot get the another movie ticket, if not tommorrow, i will be a grumpy sotong..NOT ENOUGH SLEEP AR!!!
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this is the one with the virus infection thingy one, but I wont be posting anything here, you all just go and watch lar..

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And this the leng chai and leng lui movie with full of action! See the poster already seem so nice!

ANYONE WANT TO JOIN?? but pay yourself lor. I am inviting only, didnt say i wanna belanja
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Colleen said...

Wow... romantic atmosphere.. with a good massage.. :-) Hang fuk nya...

Enjoy ur movie/s tonite.. dun snore if u fall asleep in the cinema.. :-p

-ritchie- said...

wow..i never try to watch 2 movies in 1 day..i should try see.. haha..

Kenny Ng said...

Sounds great with this 2 movie... will check it out when I free :)

freethinker said...

Spiderman ? i Watch 3 movies in one go b4

Ichitaka Leingod said...

both movie also very nice... hope u enjoyed the movie ^^

Wennnn said...

Yooo hoooo nice massage veli lomantik ah??? Err good good dun think side ways think bengkok ways.. Oie okie I got it..

Rabbit said...

*laughs at wennnn's comment* Kaka!

I used to go for 2 movies in a day last time. And after that two movies, i would really be half dead. sitting there watching movie itself was tiring.

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

As usual lah! Hehehe! You hubby demanding again! Good for u! Make him massage u after all the demands if throw at you!

Tsk tsk tsk usually women are the demanding one.. u pulak hubby demanding one..

Next time make him do house work! Hahaha!!

Jacelyn Chew said...

I'm going to watch "NEXT" soon....heard that it's a great movie...
hey, lenglui, btw, I've tagged u ar....go check it out!

babyfiona said...

Colleen - No time to snore :P very rushing

Ritchie - better dunt try, ass also become flat i tell u!

Kenny - NEXT is Ok, but the 28 weeks later is a NO NO -__-"

freethinker - spiderman? Outdated already lar..

Ichitaka - Only enjoyed the Next Only lor..hehe

wennn - Yeerrr, ur brain yellow coloured one ler :P

Rabbit - Agreed! Tell you, I sleep like a pig after the movies hahaha

Nesh - hehehe, you know the fella de lar..

Jacelyn - Enjoy ur NEXT ^-^. Will go check! thanks

Wennnn said...

Yerrr Babyfiona I think my brain got a little wong wong tei lor becoz I learn from my sifu ma Ace one...

babyfiona said...

wenn - same kind one ler you with Ace1 hahahah