Monday, May 7, 2007

Sunny Day of Saturday

Saturday was a nice fine day! Such a beauty!

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Was here for 2 hours ++, alone while my hubby went for arowana lover gathering.

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nice green grass! smell nice! *luckily when i smell the grass the time, no dog shit around*

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The weather was so hot! Hot hot hot until i cannot stand and this is my savior of the day!
*slurp slurp*

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MonkeyWong said...

Wow, twin tower ice cream, very nice ler

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

that ice cream har?.......

it looks some thing familiar la?

can't remember it.....

freethinker said...

WAH.. so big

Huei said...

ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rabbit said...

I want the chokret ice cream can? I saw there's a bit there! =P Share share la, can? Keke!

babyfiona said...

anyone want ice cream? COME TO SUBANG! You belanja hehehe