Friday, June 15, 2007

7 Random Thing About Me

Everytime i want to do a tag, i will need to search all the way back in my archieve to look for the person who tagged me.

The thing is I can only remember got people tagged me and on what topic, but I cannot recall, who tagged me. That is the main problem. Worst still, i will need to go all the way to everyone blog who done the tag before to search up and down for the sweety pie who tagged me.

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Someone actually tagged me on 7 random thing about me. Here it goes..

1. I ate lots of prawn, somemore big head prawn, that is why i alway forgetful.

2. I have a very bad habit, if the moment I dont like the person, I wont like him/her for the rest of my life no matter how good he/she is.

3. I am a TIGER in disguise, that is what my hub always said. Eventhough I borned in the year of goat and is a Sagitarian, which i shall be not so "chan kai" but for those people that actually knows me, will run away whenever i start to get angry.

Yes, I roar! and not meeekkk!

4. For me, a car need to have their 4 tyres and can move will do good for me. Any extra, would be a waste.

5. My hub is my everything..eventhough if he die 1st *touch wood, choi choi choi!*, I will be following him no matter what.

6. If i die 1st, I hope someone can take care of him for me. Anyone want my hub when i am not here anymore?

7. I always been four eyes since like ages ago! so i want lasik!

PHEW! DONE! Finally! I finished with this post but i still can not find who tagged bad! The "someone" who tag me, please come and claim from me sorry..

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update: Kev actually double tagged me on this same topic :p, still got another sweety pie to come and claim. Wait for you ya!


seraphangel said...

kakaka, I'm not that someone, but I'm someone who tagged you on the 5 things you complain about, ring a bell? :D

Rabbit said...

I think.. not me!! =P

babyfiona said...

[seraphangel] yah...still remember i owed you the tag. will be doing it ASAP ;p before i forgot again..

[lehbit] dont think its u also hehehe, but next time tagging will include ur name yeah? wait for me ;p

Huei said...

wah! if u dun like means dun like? kekeke keng! better than to be sum luen

babyfiona said...

[huei] hehe, yalor, if dun like of course wont like lor ;p