Wednesday, June 13, 2007

MIA Part 1

Sorry for missing in action for few days and then melambak of paid post in here. Money always comes first.. hehehe.

So, I was away to Singapore on Friday morning which apparently scheduled to be going on Saturday morning but due to some reason, on Thursday evening before i go off from office, I went to asked my boss.
Of course I was smart enough to fast finished off all the important works then only i went in to my boss's room and ask for leave.

Me: Alright, there is the xxx thing, all done and here is the xxx thing for your reference (all work related thing)

Boss: Ok *head still facing laptop*

Me : err..since, xxx (my hub's name) is going tomorrow, can I..... *show puppy eyes*

Boss turned his head from the laptop and looked at me..

Boss: aiya, go lar!

Me: Thank you thank you *blek my tongue out and fast fast walk out*

That is how I get my leave from my boss. See my boss how nice? I don't even need to fill up the Leave Application Form which require a certain days submission before he will approve .


I can't even remember what time we started our journey by car. Stop by at Johor Bahru to have our late lunch and i saw this beautiful flower.

Image Hosted by

been so long since i saw this kind of flower , hehehe, always sit inside the office and faced those fake flower. ;p

Our lunch in JB is very fulfilling but because of Paiseh-ness around my MIL, AIL and a CIL, I did not take any photos..


When we reach Singapore, its almost around evening time, the jammed started to built up and we were stucked at the Entry Point for like 1 hour.

Finally reached Singapore and guess what? we dont know the exact road into the town area and ended at this place..

Image Hosted by

After an hour circling around, we finally managed to reach! PHEW!

To be continued...


Huei said...

ur boss so nice!!!!

babyfiona said...

[huei] yeah! agreed ;p

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

ah huei not true la....
that is the power of woman eyes lor....

it can melt man hearth from a far way distance.


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Not fair!!! *Kill Fiona!!* Grrr!!! ARG!! AEFGIARDHGDFvjnadkvbevjneaGaDFL~!!!! said...

Nice boss!
Can hire me?

yipguseng said...

wahlao...ur boss...puppy eyes a while then everything can liao -_-!