Thursday, June 14, 2007

MIA Part 2

We headed down to Chinatown right after we got the right turn and ended up at Hotel 81 Chinatown which they do not have online booking. DUH! so inconvient but then again, due to the location, and do not know what hotel available, me and my SIL walked in to ask for 2 rooms to accomodate me, my hub, MIL, AIL and SIL.

So pathetic, one of the staff there told us that we can only check in at 9.30 pm and but at that time, its only 7.00pm. That is the only thing she told us. Nothing more. Due to this, we went back to our car and try to go around to find the parking for the hotel but to no avail. So we ended up parking at the side of the street and then, walked around to check for other hotel.

The next hotel we went to check the price is Hotel Furama. The moment they told us the room pricing, i nearly drop off from my seat..SDG 288 for a night!
Wokey, not a good way to spend money right? RM 600++ for a room and somemore we going to stay for 2 night and we need 2 rooms ..means

600++ x 2 night x 2 rooms = RM 2,400++!!

No choice! Ended up at Hotel 81 Chinatown again. This time, they required us to pay 1st and come back at 10.30 pm -__-" and that time is only 7.30pm. Like that also can? What kind of service or transaction is that? Paid already but can not take the key?? Weird.But since we have no choice have to pay and come back later to check in..

anyone going to Singapore for their mega sales, please do not go and stay at the Hotel81 Chinatown ler..!

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After a looooooooooooooong walk at the chinatown, ended up inside our room. See my face , so "lam".

to be continued....too long already..


AceOne118 said...

Aiseyman! you went there that time skool holidays la..sure kena cut throat wan. Didn't stay at YMCA meh?

Huei said...

wah!! so expensive the 2nd hotel! crazy!! >.< said...

Wow, ur hubby shirt darn F*** cool!


Colleen said...

Hotel 81, budget hotel, hai gam ge ler... :-) Next time, u let me know first la, I book for u, dong dong.. :-)

babyfiona said...

[ace1]YMCA also expensive, checked edy.. *sob sob*

[huei] yalor..that ons is like 3 stars hotel only -___-"

[monkeywong]hehe, one to get one ;p

[colleen] u in italy ler -__-" . somemore the king always like last minute one, go overseas also no need to plan one..u go tell him lar

jam said...

Everything in Singapore is damn expensive. It is a pain to spend there if we are earning our small MYR.
On the other hand, China a lot more better, we can be rich man there.
Go on further, with our MYR, we can be king in Thailand.
In Indonesia, we can be Bill Gates, but you dun know when you will lose your life.

-ritchie- said...

wa..really very lam wor..

Freethinker said...

ur hubby shirt nice...where to buy ar