Friday, June 1, 2007

My Great 5 secrets

After i experienced short term memory lost...i think i shall fast finished up my meme and all the tags before i forgot about it again.

Ritchie wanted to know my all 5s.

1st 5:- things found in your bag

1. My MINYAK ANGIN CAP KAPAK, i got few inside

2. My lovely W810i

3. My Bonia purse, gift from hub few years ago and still leng leng the condition

4. An envelope with money inside

5. office keys, house keys, car keys.

2nd 5:- Things found in your purse/wallet

1. IC and License lor.. a must what..

2. ATM card, ATM card, and ATM card

3. Latest ATM Transaction slip

4. Photo

5. A bit of money which is usually less than 50...that is why i tell you i am so broke!

3rd 5:- Favourite things in your room

1. My wedding photo

2. My side light

3. My bed lor

4. er..Nothing much inside my room ler..

4th 5:- things you’ve always wanted to do

1. I wanna see the world without having to wear spec and CL..

2. I wanna go hongkong, japan, egpty, all over the world

3. I wanna master my nihongo, everything also forgot

4. I wanna swim straight and not side way.. -__-"

5. I wanna finished all the tag before i forget...

5th 5: things u currently into

1. Babies

2. Money

3. blogging for money LOLS!

4. Still babies

5. cant think of any, babies!

The BEST Part!

5 people u I wanted to tag

Boonage - i damn geli after you blog about your lasik experience, so i wanna know what inside your bag after you done the lasik .

Apam Balik - She simply do my tag last time, so this time, must follow rules, must tag people!

daniel Weird - Weird daniel will
have some weird secret to hide?

Dynamichui - newbie!Welcome to tag tag world.

5. Lazy already, 4 enuff lar..


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

BABIES??!! Hooor! When coming?? I want to be Aunty Nesh! Hehehahah!! Eh wait i'm already Aunty Nesh...i got niece... AIYAK!


Gallivanter said...

WOW, Minyak Cap Kapak? It's been a while since I heard someone mention it... :-P

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

swiming side ways?????????

how that can be?

yung . said...

lol wan babies so much then need to 'work' harder at night loh :P

AceOne118 said...

Good luck in your production - "small little man"

Rabbit said...

Yay i tarak kena tag!!

Wah ka yao! Lou lek! Get babies!

babyfiona said...

[nesh] auntie nesh ar..if i got a baby hor, i wont leave her/him alone with you ler, if not, next time he/she talk to me in neshmaru language, i die for u to see -__-"

[gallivanter] hey, no play play, alot of people still using it. somemore its damn expensive ok, just bought one 20 ml cost me Rm 4.40 -_-"

[pisang] hehe, its a secret ;p

[yung] can work hard morning & afternoon also,no need wait night time ;p

[ace1] LOL tenkiue tenkiue

[lehbit] dont worry, next time will tag you. I can remember you very clearly LMAO! ;p. Yeah, will do, then i can teach my son or daughter to poke lehbit's head! ;p

Huei said...

when u gona have babiessss? =D