Monday, June 11, 2007

Sorry Post :P

Oh! Shito! I am so old until Ah wen and janice also i can mixed up..

You see below lar..the evidence..

maybe because i saw the avatar almost the same. Both also using the same bear bear avatar..

You all see..i go replied to wenn instead of janice -_____-".

Somemore i went to wenn blog and asked her again..-__________-" which she also answered me..wonder she actually know what am i talking about hehehe. she also blur case.

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see, Ah wenn, answered me, she sakit somemore..asked me to rub ointment for her...-__-"

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Never realise until janice asked me The Question..

hehe, sorry yah, Janice .. I ter-mixed u up with ah Wenn..thousand apologize

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janicepa said...

OMG...*drop off from chair again** it's just small matter.. no need to blog it lah .. u run out of idea issit ?? kakaka...

babyfiona said...

[janicepa] one stone kill 2 birds lor hehe ;p. I blur blur already, wen also blur go and answered me LOL!

Huei said...

u so blur blur!! hehehe

CRIZ LAI said...

***gives babyfiona a bottle of gingko bibola*** hehehe...this one is good for memory :P Haha...aiyo I also sometimes make such foolish mistakes, and worst still the other party also did not notice the slip..LOL

Wennnn said...

HAhahahahah yes la now I drop off sakit la my bantat.. In fact hor yes I was blur blur like U becoz I did pos tat I laff untill fall of chair but then hor I keep on thinking how come U ask me geh??? U also make me blur blur liao....