Monday, July 9, 2007

Long Boring Post! Just Ignore My Existant

A BKT session with a friend who is so nice to treat us and then gave us a tank full of Cherry Shrimp. Around 100 of cherry Shrimp in the small little tank and the its worth around RM 500.00 because in normal fish shop, these little brats is selling at around RM 5.00 per shrimp.

The brunch was nice as we had the Klang BKT and a steam fish which turned up tasted even better than the famous BKT. Yum Yum! Too yummy until once again, I am too late to snap a picture of it.

After the BKT Session, we went to Putra World Trade Centre since hubb need to visit an exhibition and well, as normal, I tagged along since I got nothing better to do.

There was 2 exhibition on going at the same time which is the MICCOS and the Dive exhibition. The first exhibition, we went is the DIVE in Hall 4 which is not much to see, all diving related products and tours available.

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The bunting of the DIVE HERE. Cute puffer fish ^^

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a boat in the house hall.

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A sporting exhibitor posed for me.

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And i saw NEMO! "How come you are here NEMO"?

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The nicest booth design in DIVE Expo..

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Its for kids as well. Colouring competition.

The next would be the MICCOS Exhibition in Hall 2 and 1. The moment we stepped into Hall 2, a jungle awaiting for us.

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A jungle in the city.

I actually could'nt believe what I saw here. Still in the maze how come the peoples who ask for our hard earned money used the money in such a way!! dumped so much money in such exhibition..

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They even built a house in the exhibition hall in which its should be taken down at this time.

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Yes, its a real house that can stand normal peoples weight.Sigh, I wonder which part of the house comes from my pay..

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Malaysia Coco Board booth

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Creative art with batik

I know, this is such a boring entry and its bored you to death. But well, this is my blog, its Mine Mine Mine. A journal for my own reference just in case I cannot even remember who am I some times in my life later on.

Ending today with camwhore of a pretty girl and an auntie ;p
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Don't curi our picture ok!


jam said...

So, which one is Babyfiona and Nesh in that picture?

babyfiona said...

[jam] aiyo! you never read my and nesh -___-" .

Huei said...

y is nemo flying???? hehehehe

those creative artworks r really nice..the lizard is so demented yet artistic! hehehe

Rabbit said...

Hello Babyfiona! Hello Nesh! *waves frantically*

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

'pretty girl and an auntie' huh? LOL... so who's the pretty girl, and who's the auntie?? LOL..

Sasha said...

siapa is siapa?

babyfiona said...

[huei] nemo lost already LOLS! Yah i like the lizard

[rabbit] *touch rehbit's forehead* You alright kah? need to go find doctor??

[kev's walkabout] of course nesh is the pretty girl and me is the auntie lar -___-"

[sasha] -______-" you really mou leng sam! my face and nesh face also cannot recognize ...

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

why you looks so small in that last pictures?

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Waaaa!!! I can see me here!! *Shocked* Hehehe! I'm of course the aunty ler...Fiona so leng lui wor! Should have seen her that day..FUIYOH!

iCalvyn said...

wahaha...u both really like kidding... the last pic was attracted me, both are leng lui la...