Thursday, August 23, 2007

Flu Day..with Blogspot Down..

Blogspot was down yesterday the same time when PPP opened their arm and dropped down a few 50 USD Opp..and since, we cannot access the blogspot at all..PPP decided to stop the all blogspot postie from getting any opp.

I do not know how you all feel, but as for me..seeing 3 or 4 USD 50 opp infront of which is still in white colour, I went from very sleepy to very excited and move my lazy finger to press the "RESERVE" button..turned into a nightmare which PPP did not even load a single thing for me..Not even the normal
"All the post had been taken" phrase. How disappointed I am!

The feeling are the same when you are a young happy kid and you just got hold of the ice cream after you whine for like 1 hour non-stop and then, while you are happily looking at your ice cream in your hand, ready to put it in your mouth for your first lick, your leg kicked on something and you and your beloved ice cream dropped down on the can see your ice cream splashing all over the floor...

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One lucky thing is that this morning, when I online, I can still view my blog, and managed to grab one opp which is the first one ever for this whole week..No explanation from blogspot or whatsoever announcement or notification send to us, no apologies, no memo, no nothing at all..Well I guess, it the time for me to get my own domain huh?


Huei said...

at least u got something

i got

NOTHING!!! >.< little opps lately..howw??

angel said...

Haha... anata wa totemo kawaii desu yo!

yipguseng said...

hmm..actually i think not blogspot down, but is because our local connection was simply horrible yesterday night. I asked a whole lot of ppl and they having the same problem at the same time. After i can login to my msn, my whole msn list buddy were all offline O_O

babyfiona said...

[huei] eh, i thought got lots of opp for higher PR? i saw nesh also got a lot after she got PR 1.maybe your time ler..

[angel] kekeke arigato! I dont know how to answer you jap all went back to my sensei since so long time never use kekeke

[yipguseng] blogspot also the same time..i also dont know lar..really bad luck!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo!R u ok now? I meant ur flu? Wah u earn a lot from PPP? This PPP very holy wan. Reject my application as I am too 'hor ny' for them! BTW tq for dropping by. Have a very nice day!

babyfiona said...

[hor ny ang moh] thank you so much for asking..those gross slimy thing still dripping down from my nose and well, I feel like i am a trumpet... Hehehe, of course they reject you! your site is full of "education" stuff ;p.

IMMomsDaughter said...

The advantage of getting suspended. No need to scramble for opps :P

cindy said...

The internet connection was really sucky these days. I was playing an online game with my friends when the Net went kaput.

I tried to login to the game the next day and found that all of us (the online character) was lying dead somewhere. LOL!

Good thing about this dead Internet connection?

We stop doing PPP or online gaming and spent some time watching TV. :P

yung . said...

ha! I see you've get the Mint credit card one, no wonder mine is grey lar