Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Friday... Maybe Not

Not sure if it is due to my brain cells starts to body parts start to loose the oils or it is just the feel of it.

I do not have the "happy feeling" when its turned Friday.

Still can remember years ago when I will wait impatiently for Friday to arrive where I will be awake early in the morning. The first thing in the morning, I can smell the smell of flower lingering around everywhere. Yes everywhere! Its smell freedom, fun, active and most important, the smell of happiness. I will take my own sweet time to pick which tops to wear that day, which shoes will matched, slowly brush my hair and make myself pretty presentable.

No matter how was my Monday to Thursday treated me, no matter how much of urgent thing to be settle, I still enjoyed the day of FRIDAY.

Its smell like the cherry blossom on the eve and the 1st day of Chinese New Year when I am still single...hey who will like the CNY to arrives when you will need to give money to people....Ok lar..maybe me only..I am too stingy to give free money to people. Life ain't treating me good..

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The smell of Cherry Blossom on eve and 1st day of CNY..

But since I-do-not-know when its happen, I have to drag myself to go through the weekdays without exceptional. I hate Friday now..I do not know why. Yesterday I was still thinking that I would be very energetic to welcoming Friday to arrive but I guess you already know how I feel right now.

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Its happen every single Friday not sure. Maybe because of:-

1. I had to faced a bunch of idiots in the office

2. MIL will come storm down from hometown anytime..

3. Getting old feeling

4. I am plain lazy to live..

5. Starts to have no life..

6. and the lists goes on...

SIGH! I feel so down..

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38kia said...

rilaks, sistah,
it's FLYday ~~~ life is short, should spend sometimes to enjoy it. ;)

Neo said...

MIL - hahaha...

Colleen said...

Time to plan for b*a*b*y... :-)

Shionge said...

Sorry you are having this Friday Blues.....maybe this is only temporary lah, think positive pal!

angie said...

Awww, cheer up! It's the weekend already! Or is it time of the month? *wink*

U.Lee said...

Hi Babyfiona, saw your callsign over at Sweetpea's and taking a peep here. Nice blog you have. (You love horses? Me too, also I'm a horse, was a stallion, ha ha).
Hey, don't feel bad on a Friday...look at everday as a new challenge, a new day, a new you.
You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to see.
You have a nice day, Babyfiona, best regards, UL.

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

wah... u must go see doc already.. friday u also don't like..don't tell me u like Monday!

And yup.. Colleen's suggestion of having a baby is a good idea! then u can look forward to bring ur kid to shop with u over the weekends! lol...

FL Sam said...

Eveyone luv Fridays. TGIF. we are having 2 days rest during weekend.
How come u dont like fridays. ??

Think positive, plan some activities for the the weekend. Go for a short break. :)

angel said...

Hey... YOU are the only one who doesn't like Flyday! HOW COME?? HOW CAN?? Cannot liddat...

I think it's mostly due to MIL... ngam mou?

Like this lah... I always tell ppl that you hv a choice... u hv a choice to feel down or to feel happy. Choose to be happy! OK? Why do u wanna waste yr days being miserable when u can choose to be happy? Chin up! Happy weekend, ok!