Monday, August 20, 2007

Kena Tagged Again...

Alamak! Colleen Tagged me. Sweetpea tagged me and said I tarak kasi muka! Apa macam? How ?How? How?

How what lar how..have to do ler, of course..if not later they come hunt me in my dream then how?

Since both of them tagged me on eight random things about me, should I give 8 or 16?

Ok, Ok, I am not butt itchy..hehehe, so I will just sticked to 8 can already.

1. I love to drink coffee especially Coffee Bean Ice Blended and Ipoh Town White Coffee very much..but after 3 or 4 sip, I will tend to get tummy ache, giddy, want to puke feeling but I don't care and still go on and drink until the stage whereby I lay on the bed lifeless and that is the last time I touch any coffee *sob sob* misses my Coffee so much. So tempted to walk into Coffee Bean every time I walk passed by. And a Coffee Bean outlet within walking distant behind my office did not do any good for me..

2. I am old..yes..I am old and fat -_____-"

3. I likes dog, especially those with very cute and pretty face. I talked to my dog like talking to my son or my that normal?

4. I learned nihongo before until the intermediate level but stop right after that because all the students and sensei starts to use kanji in every single papers and well, I do not even know how to read single word on the paper full of kanji, so I said sayonara to them.

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5. I cannot go pangsai without it, I cannot live without it , and there was once, when I cannot even sleep without minyak cap kapak, the savior of my life...

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6. I hate when the sales girl following me around when I am trying to get something from their shop. They follow us like follow the banduan, hate them so much! So whenever I went in and the sales girls starts to come over or follow me, I will just make a U-turn and left.

7. I admit that I am a little bit "chin kak". Er..not really, should be VERY CHIN KAK...want to know more, you can ask Princess Neshimaru ler..I think she will be happy to tell you all how Chin Kak I am, or anything about my chin kakness.

8. Since that I am so chin kak, I think 7 would be enough.

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Not tagging anyone this time as I think most of you all already done this before.


miche said...

i kenot stand the smell of minyak cap makes me pening and i felt like vomiting coz when i small we use it often and my brain associate the smell with giddyness!

Che-Cheh said...

#3...yes I talk to my dog like my son only so it's normal. Hehe

#6 same la...if they follow me I will just walk 1 around and come out. Hahaha so fun hor!

Princess Neshimaru said...

Oh yeah... she is DAMN CHIN KAK!!! Bcos of her I have to wake up early tmr morning!

Huei said...

i get stomachache when i drink coffee in the morning! thats y i stopped..cos during those time i got stomach ache..i couldnt find toilet..painnnn!!!! heheh

u're not old n u're not fat!!!!! =D u're gorgeous! =D

yes talking to dogs is normal!! i talk to baby like my daughter! i call her my daughter!!! hehehe

ohhh cool! teach me japanese!!! =D

i minyak angin relaxing to smell..esp on those really tiring days!

i hate sales girls following me too..look asif they're afraid that u'll steal things >.<

babyfiona said...

[miche] ai? why terbalik one? Its the saviour of my life kekeke, really cannot live without it. I got like 1 in the bathroom, 1 in the handbag, 1 in the bedroom and the list continues..

[che-cheh]oh ok then, I am NORMAL hehehe. Yalor, always play merry go-round with them ;p. Couldn't help it, but when the time i really wanted to get something from the shop, its really irritating with people disturb you with their sense of fashion... -_____-"

[nesh]ceh! like its my fault tong i tell the boss, " er, boss, I cannot give the HP to you lar, princess nesh, sure dont want to follow you one" like that meh!

[huei]i also will get stomachache..feel like wanna puke, dizzy..and etc.. -_____-".

Yeah *clap hands* I am still Normal hehehe.

High Five! minyak angin the love of my life kekeke.

If the sales girl think i wanna steal their thing is still ok, this particular sales girl hor, took some top which do not look like a top and said, "try this one lar, this will look nice on you". -____-" and at first i thought that was the kain to lap lantai ...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Actually what is 'chin kak' arr?? Sorry my canto is non-existing! BTW tq for dropping at ny site! Have a very nice day!

Ichitaka Leingod said...

Wa, I cannot tahan the smell of Minyak Cap Kapak... but sometimes it cures stomach ache and ichiness la, lol... XD

MonkeyWong said...

I dun talk to my cats, but I talk too much to my blog..... start to worry about myself......
Can do one CHIN KAK post for us onot? :P

babyfiona said...

[horny Ang Moh] hmm, i do not know how to describe chin kak, that is why you should ask Princess Neshimaru as she always say I very chin kak.

[ichitaka] I love the smell and the cooling sensation!

[monkeywong] eh! that is not so normal ler kekeke. What chin kak post ?

danielctw said...

no minyak kapak for me.. but it's fun when people sleeping u wipe it near their nose...


Jean Chia said...

i love coffee bean (ice blended mocha) and Ipoh White Coffee too!!it's weird that you still love coffee despite the after drinking effect it has on you. :)

Shionge said...

I'll have ice blended mocha instead :D

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

you pangsai use 'win oil'?
how you uese it? stuff it inside?

spookygrace said...

yeah, minyak kapak is great.. =)

Rabbit said...

I no drink coffee mia. Drink d will pening mia. =S

Nihongo!! U know nihongo!! Teach teach!!

babyfiona said...

[danielctw] you naughty lar you! But if you do that to me, I got no feeling one hehehe

[jeanchia]of course! love it or hate it hehehe

[shionge] Come come we go get one ;p

[pisang goreng] -_____-" tummy lar! where do you think ???

[spookygrace]yeah! nice nice!

ahbong said...

haha..u tricked me grrr with the click the x for i saw someone making love post hahahahhahaha.
i oso use minyak angin. i am even worse i dont rub it in..i just smell it when my boss comes near :(

Gloria said...

Haha, you are like my grandma. Minyak cap kapak is her cure all for everything. :)

P.S: Thanks for visiting me in BlogLog! Your minyak cap kapak part have inspired an entry, I'll contact you again when I post it up, if you don't mind.

babyfiona said...

[ah bong] keh keh keh, I guess you are one of the 18 and below. ROFL ;p

[gloria] hehe, can I high five with her ;p. I know where to buy cheaper supply as well ;p. No problem, be glad :D