Monday, September 17, 2007

The End Of My Long Nail Journey

How the hell all those girls, ladies and whoever that got long nail type? I mean at a decent typing speed of course and not the 10 or 20 words per minute..

I had this colleague , well, girl obviously that got this damn long of nails, painted in rainbow colour some of the time, and let you guess how fast she can type?

On her working pc = 10 - 20 wmp, typing only with her index fingers

On her own personal laptop which I banned her to bring anymore = 45 to 50 wpm!

Now you see the difference?

Alright, that is out of my topic, back to my topic. How the hell those peoples with long nails can type so fast???

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You can just ignore the look of my fingers..lots of paper cuts and well, long time never maintain..

I tried to keep my finger nails long and presentable, well of course for beauty ler..not like I am going to use it for my pleasure to gold dig...

Well, that was my longest, I really cannot stand it anymore. Not when I need to rush for my works and ended up typing like a kiasu auntie just finished her manicure session..

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And guess how SLOW i type with such long nails..even the snail beat me on that...

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KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

wah u must be big shot ah.. can ban ppl somemore!