Sunday, September 9, 2007


Now only I realized that I had never bought any lingerie before. All that I am having now is either bought by my sisters or gift from my friend. One particular set that which was a gift for my wedding day from one of my best friend and she bought it all the way from UK after she called me at 3 am in the morning to check for my size. I should be thanking her for that :D

I guess it should be the time for me to get myself a few set. I had my eyes on the marie jo bras collections by Bits of Lace which was established in 1919. Do you know that they are best known for their contoured bras such as the Marie Jo Avero Multipositional Contour Bra and the Marie Jo Avero Contour Convertible Plunge Bra?

Personally I do not mind to pay a little more to get something that will make me feel comfortable and soft on my skin as I think for a ladies, it is one of the most intimate things for us as we will be wearing them for the whole day.

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