Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So Tired..

I am so tired that I can just drop on the floor and died for you to see. Should anyone come near me and uses their fingers to poke me, I swear I will cut your fingers of one by one and them put in together with the crust bread and make a pizza with it or I can just eat it raw..muhahahahah! Muahahaha!

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Ops! Sorry about that. My brain was not fuctioning and my fingers starts to give me notice that they will not be serving me for another 8 hours or more. So, if you notice that I type my post half way, I am sorry, Its not my fault. Its my fingers or maybe my brain. You can find fault with them if you wanted to..

Today as I reached the office, the phone was ringing and the 1st person people are looking for is ME! ME! ME! ME and ME! How I hate the phone as like I wanted to just throw it into the toilet bow and wash it away.

The day went by not as smooth as I hope for but luckily I can still steal some time and sneaked out for a filling lunch.

&@64-3459F*$$%0..oppss..$($FJJRtu#*$...aiks..how come my typing all became like that?fjHEU$*404-fmv..sigh...kfneuiUfn..I need to say sorry..feyu8774 i THINK my fingers are trying to inform wehruUEBR me that they are pretty much as tired as I am..


Ichitaka Leingod said...

Everybody looking for you means u r an important person lor... but being important sometimes not good also... right? cheer up! ^^

Cometh said...

Hohohohoho, fingers misbehave... =p

Sasha said...

i know how u feel...i felt like taking outmy hands, my legs and all like the mannequin and just lie down flat and dun move. damn tired

babyfiona said...

[itchitaka] You are right.. being important really is not a good thing..*sob*

[cometh] that is not misbehave, misbehave sound like Ham chu sau to me kakaka

[sasha]AGREED, I wish I can just stop moving for at least 1 hour so I can rest myself..