Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Survived The First Day!

I am dead tired and for sure I need to hang my both legs this moment, I got myself a blister equally one on each of my toe and its really darn painful..
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You might not believe me, but see for yourself..

Alright..that is not mine. Just some photo I googled up with the simple keyword "blister" and this was the first that gave me an eerie feeling. The moment I saw it, the 2 little blister at the outer side of my smallest toes starts to tingle.

I had been walking non-stop from 9 in the morning like having a marathon in 2 inch high heel until 6.30 pm when finally I can stop for a while and get myself settled down.

I missed my breakfast and lunch and only be able to use the loo one time..for the whole day...hopefully I would not be getting souvenir from this habit..

Well..I survived the first day..another 4 more days to go...YIKES!


Jay Cam said...

i think im going to puke!

Jay Cam said...

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yipguseng said...


that's super grosss!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

at first i thought itz urs hehe but well..scared me

keeyit said...

At first I thought what happened to you... Haha... Tricky..

curryegg said...

Adoi.... gelinya.... really feel scary to see the photo..
Hope that you're getting better...

Paul said...

I hope u r getting better.