Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Tribute to C B HOW!

Sorry mad of this fella. Need to let it out before I blow my head inside. Just click the x button..or ignore this completely.

[A Tribute to someone by the name of C B HOW!]

Kanasai! Who does he think he is? My boss? The company owner? F8ck him lar! Dare to scold my hubby and Princess Neshimaru in front of everyone in the office. TIU!

What a f8cked-up childish shit stirrer! Asked help from my hubby and still can scold him for nonsense. Want to declare war, I am please to accept it. Let see who is the winner and who the f8cking loser.

All the while, been too good to you and still you f8cked up my whole schedule causing me and Princess Neshimaru had to stayed back in the office to finished the things up and now you still dare to f8ck around causing troubles again.

Want to play war! Let your horse come and see who will win! I am here to accept your challenge! F8CKER!

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Cute little baby, but still F8ck You!

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Foot F8ck You!

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Even the atomic boom also say F8ck You!

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and last but not least the infamous F8CK YOU!


Paul said...

Dun angry la. Stay cool. Work is like that.

babyfiona said...

[paul] work shouldnt be like that when we have to cover up for other people shitty business.

Paul said...

I always cover for ppl's shit, but end up like u too, shit on the face.

Pookyma said...

damn...scold ur husband lagi??Brave person whoever it is....

Princess Neshimaru said...

Whoah!!! Terrer!!! Good!! Stupid C B HOW! Fu8k that idiot! No... dun even want to fu8k him... get some diseased beggar to fu8k his ass!!

babyfiona said...

[paul] that is WHY! damn mad with the fella. Covered his shit and somemore come and create problem again!

[pookyma] eh! selamat hari raya! takde keluar kutip hijau pau ke? :P
yalor, ppl memang nak cari gaduh lar..apa nak buat, takde kerja