Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Allegro Medical

I mentioned that I went for an exhibition last week and there were lots of booths which they are dealing with medical supplies. I can say that 90% of them was happy with the result of the business matching program as some of them can actually closed a few million deal on the spot.

Next time I would contact Allegro Medical to participate in this exhibition as they are also in the same product of medical supplies.

Founded in 1996, Allegro Medical, is one of the largest and most technologically advanced online retailers of life enhancing products in the United States.

They first started the launching of e commerce site in the medical equipment and home health care supplies in the year 1998, 2 years after their establishment and expanded to include mainstream consumer retail products such as exercise and fitness equipment, nutritional dietary supplement and many more.

At the moment, offers almost 55,000 products under 50 categories and hundreds of sub-categories and users can shop by the category, by brand or even by condition.

A very user friendly e commerce shop that make shopping online easy!

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