Monday, November 19, 2007

Boring Monday.

Today is going to be a very death boring Monday day for me. Early in the morning, already saw someone that I do not want to see at all and yet, he is the first one that welcomed me to office. What a turn off for me. An Ultimate Turn Off for me to work. Sigh.

Its getting real hard for me just to drag myself to come to the office and seeing the CB face is really making it worst. Not to mention that where ever I go in the office I will have to see his CB face. Be it the toilet, the photostate area or even the loo.

Luckily I got something that cheer me up a little bit but that was like 5% of happiness for 5 minutes and now all went down to the drain. The clothing I ordered 1 and a half month finally reached my hand. The so only but consider that it is so darn cheap. I can only give it as "OK". Acceptable. Photo will be load up later in the evening when I reach home 1st.

And now, I got to continue my work. Both my "work" and my "work". Got to save money for next month holiday.

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Apple said...

Aww..the dog yawning photo makes me want to yawn too...sleepy in the office now. -.-

CutiePrincessMummy said...

Monday's Blue issit? me too....keep yawning in the office, last nite i watched TVB series till 2 am last nite! *yawn, yawn*

babyfiona said...

apple-*yawn* I am exactly like that now..

cutieprincessmummy- kekeke same here, also watch TVB drama till wee hours. No mood to work *yawn, yawn*