Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chat For Free, Dating Site To visit

Its been ages since the last time I logged in to those make friends or free dating website. The very last time I can recall was 10 years ago when I am old enough to try all these make friends online website and never that I know that nowadays, there are much xx that these free community website can offer.

At Friendsation, they offer free live chat and also free phone chat whereby members can sign up for free and use their instant messaging facilities to send messages to other members. At the same time, they can chat live in the chat room provided with other members. With this new facilities, the members wont have any problem chatting with stranger that claimed how handsome, how good they are but nobody can see their face to find out the truth.

For those who not keen on using online method, you can also try on their live Phone Chat which is available to members to talk with people all over the United States for free as well. So for those who lives in United States, they will be the first to benefit from this website.

At the moment, the website is still under Beta stage but no doubt that it is a great place for free live chat and also free phone chat facilities!

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