Wednesday, November 21, 2007

ESET The Best Solutions

One of my blogging buddy was complaining to me that he is looking for Anti Virus software as the current one which he is using failed to provide him with the protection. He once said that there are no one-product-protects-all that he can actually count on for protection.

That was a week ago and after I introduce him to use ESET, NOD32 Antivirus - the best anti virus, he only gave me one word. GREAT!

Software Security Solutions, a privately held company founded in October 2001, focused on computer security threats and products, were able to provide insight and also best in class solutions to the public with research and test. As different users require different solutions, they advocate a layered security solution because no one product or technique can efficiently and effectively provide all layers of computer security and thus they found the best security software in each threat category and combined them all in one place.

As customers can get a all in one product which settle and handle all their threat problem, it's also can save them time and money.

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