Thursday, November 29, 2007

Frontier Label

Last time whenever I go to any place or any book store, I will tend to buy the Stickers available there and keep it in my special stickers book. Yes, I do have a stickers' book whereby I will select all the stickers that are cute, nice and my most preferred to be placed in it and the rest will goes to my stickers' box.

I think I like stickers too much, even now, I still have my collection of stickers and not only that, my work also sometimes involves with stickers and labels. We will have individual stickers and labels for a particular event whereby, we will need to ask the designer to draft us some design and make some changes, then we can proceed to print it. But normally this process will take about a week and by the time, its reaches us, its normally leave us with a tight schedule.

If I get my stickers and labels from, I think this problem will not arise at all as at Frontier Label, they provide faster service whereby we can order today and get it by tomorrow. Not only that, all the quote and ordering can be done with a simply click of the mouse which is a very convenient method as I hate going in and out of the supplier workplace.

I come to noticed that at, we are spoil with choices of the sizes whereby my current supplier only have fix sizes for me to choose from and then the I can actually ask for a sample pack anytime to check on their quality wise. A good way to tackle new customer! What I concern most before choosing a supplier is their customer service. Without good customer service personnel, customer tend to come and go because there are no good interaction between both the customer and supplier. But at, I would not have such problem as they have their live agent standing by to assist. Nice? Believe me, it is!

So anyone wanted to order some labels and stickers? Try them out will you?

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