Thursday, November 22, 2007

Magic Beyond Imagination!” Comes Your Way

I like magic! Remember the first magic show when I was 5 years old and there was this clown who can actually pull out a big giant rabbit from his shirt and I went from "oh" to "wow" watching the way he performed.

I never met any long island magician before and was happy to hear that Robert McEntee would be performing his brand of "motivational magic" in the up coming Magic Beyond Imagination. Its been such a long time, I check out on him in the internet due to his popularity as he was specializing in providing total family entertainment for more then 20 years.

He performed most of the time with customized themes which makes the event special and unforgettable where other magician would be using the same old theme again and again. As a magician, its their job to make sure that audience's imagination comes to life and when its happen, joy and laughter will arrive as well. This is way of Robert McEntee did his job and I believe he did it the right way.

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