Saturday, November 24, 2007

My New Tap

My bathroom's tap was broken today. *SOB*. All because of my strong like-a-bull hubby! With just a twist, the whole tap came out and the water was shooting out non-stop until I need to run down and turn off the main tap.

Guess I will be quite busy tomorrow as I will need to find Taps that I want to replace the broken one. No No No! I would not simply buy a normal tap and fix it back as the bathroom is my personal place for me to pamper myself.

Just saw some few taps from that I actually like especially this one which I find it quite unique and different from normal boring taps design.

Very unique waterfall design that offers new and refreshing look and at the same time gave us the luxurious feeling.

Retailing at only £111.00 and come together with free delivery and inclusive of VAT, I think I do not have to go for taps shopping tomorrow as I already placed my order with them.


johnny said...

my smorty long time resting lo..

curryegg said...

That's cool! Increadible! Lol...
And how are you babyfiona?
Happy sunday to u..

babyfiona said...

johnny- mine starting already :(

curryegg-hi! thanks! Me? still in one piece lor :D

joy said...

That is very pretty, and a bit pricey for a tap. I do like it very much!

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