Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Personalized Photo Gifts

Oh my god! How can I resist this Photo Gift and make it into a blanket or bedding so I can sleep in with every night?

Imagine all those beautiful photos that you have been collecting since ages ago and turn them into a blanket or pillow case or even custom dog bedding.

At visionbedding.com, a personalized gifts and home deco website, you can turn you photos into amazing works of art! I am sure that beside that, this a great way to preserve your memories, you will also be pampered with the top quality that you wont find anywhere else.

The great point of this gift, is that, you can actually have your own control on personalizing the gift for your best friend, your husband, your new born baby or even you, yourself. Think of who or what you can choose to sleep in with. Isn't it great?

Just think, of you, waking up with such a beautiful bedding or blanket which came together with lots of meaningful memories and happiness to greet you first thing in the morning!


curryegg said...

Wow wow wow!
That's a really creative Idea. I want Wang Lee HOm to be with me all the time.. Lol... and I think printing him on my blanket will be a great idea. muahaha...

babyfiona said...

curryegg - kekeke, then u everyday also sleep with lee hom lor :P

hIEw~~ said...

hi ya...could not put a comment on ur 'spam box'hehe...btw 1st time dropping by

babyfiona said...

[hiew] hie! thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoy your stay here! :D