Saturday, November 10, 2007

Smorty, Blog For Money!

I am not shy to tell all the readers that I get paid for blogging on my site. Getting paid while blogging is definitely one of the best way to earn some extra money to pay up your bills, hosting fees (for own domain) and well, to pamper yourself and your loved one once in a blue moon.

Its actually give me the urge to blog more and sometimes when I got nothing else that I want to blog about myself or my life, I will be blogging for Smorty. Smorty is a service whereby they connect the advertisers with all the bloggers around the globe and they act as the middle man to hitch you up with the advertiser. While you post, you are actually help the advertiser to create news or buzz or even reviews which its a good thing for both the blogger and advertisers.

On hand one, blogger are paid to do what they love and one the other hand, the advertisers get the buzz they need. That is what I called as Double Happiness!

Sign up for a free right away by clicking the image banner at the right side of the post. The amount of offered pay will vary from each advertisers to another.

Lets blog for money! yay!


curryegg said...

Wow.. another good suggestion! Thank!

babyfiona said...

[curryegg] u r most welcome :D