Saturday, November 10, 2007

Smorty Referral Program

Hey hey hey! Did you notice I got an additional logo at my side bar? The green green colour one? It will be there permenantly for the time being until further notice.

Want to know what it is? Its the Smorty's new referral program! Its a good news for sure and a chance to make more money. What you need to do is only log in into your account and get the code for the images or text link banner and place it at a strategic place and when other bloggers to click and sign up with Smorty, you can earn commission when they get paid.

How much you would be earning? A total of 5% commission for the total payments made to your referred blogger. This referral program will ongoing which means you will earn commission for the life of your referred blogger. The 5% payments will be added on top of your approved post payments.

So, why are you still here reading my post? Go get yourself the link or register by clicking on my banner, please..!! and starts earning!

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

Click me! Please!! *puppy eye*

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