Thursday, November 8, 2007


This is so weird. I tried to search by keying in mushiemoshiu in google to see what will I get in "images" and let you guess what the outcome are??

All images googled out are non related to mushiemoshi. No logo of mushiemoshiu. No nothing of mushiemoshiu. What I got are only photos sourced out from Ipoh chai. Weird...

Ipohchai must have been serving google with Ipoh Old Town White coffee every day that all the result came out are only from his site. If not, how to explain this incident??

Image Hosted by

Well, I tried to search one more time, this time, at least its different..wonder why the first time are all from Ipohchai site???

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LukXiuFung said...

luckily I saw a few images from my site when I search :P

babyfiona said...

[lukxiufung] good for you ler..I saw Ipohchai only -____-"