Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ceiling Fan To My Rescue

I am thinking to add Ceiling Fans to my bedroom as at the moment, I only have my air-condition installed. Since the first day after the renovation, hubby decided to take off the ceiling fan and only installed the air-condition as he think that it will enough to have the air condition only.

But after the incident last week whereby the air-condition decided to died on us and made us have to sleep at the living room, I think we should install back the ceiling fan just in case. I saw a lot selection in Farreys.com and I am eyeing on this fan which is from Matthews Fan Company. I find it very creative and further more, I can just use it as a decoration when not using it. Hopefully I can get it by next week before Christmas by their fast and free shipping so that I can show off to my friends when they come to visit me :D

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