Monday, December 24, 2007

Coke Zero, My Now Addiction

Anyone who know me will actually know that I am a Coke freak! I love drinking coke so much until the the stage of drinking it as water every single day but I was a bit worry that the sugar will going to kill me one day until I found out that they have this new version of Coke zero!

Wow! Now I can drink a much as I like and would not need to worry about the sugar level as per their slogan Coke Zero: Life as it should be: Real taste, zero sugar.

Check out their online campaign now at as it real fun where you can direct your own small movie and send it to your friends or you can direct your own movie and competes with other users movie to be the highest rated!

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hey ya!!! ur chat box not working ler:) well wanna wish u have a blessed xmas!! n may ur wishes n dreams come true!! take care n cheers