Friday, December 7, 2007

Feel So Blah!

I don't know why, these few day i got nothing in my brain that I can pour out and blog about. Nothing interesting, nothing sound nice to blog about. Even now, when I am typing this entry, I got no idea what I am writing about.

My brain seem to shut down on me and I feel my head is too heavy for my neck to support anymore. How i hope I can just take it out for a while and place it beside my laptop right now while I am resting my tired neck. I went to see the doctor and guess what I got in reply?

Doctor = Go detox yourself, your body are full with toxin.

And now, I am detoxifying my body that is full of shit inside. Well, toxin in another word would be shit as in toxin is something not useful to the body and at the same time, leeched to your body and make you sick. Shit does the same, they make you sick if you did not make them goes out from your body..

Alright, I am talking shit right now. Not really in the mood .. got to finish my "work" and take a bath before I hit the sack.

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