Thursday, December 27, 2007

Logistics Management

I have a friend whos his work is dealing with Logistics management. Every single day he will need to do all his paper work, go to the warehouse, keep on eyes on all his staff and often, he will need to work 24/7 to ensure that all the things goes well for his clients as their business is really depends on him.

I am not sure if his company does provide SAMS™ or not but think he should. SAMS™ , an enterprise wide, web-based application which he can only assess by keying in a username and password from a secure webs site, enable the client to track all your surplus assets globally so that you can track your investment and improve on investment recovery strategic. With the help of SAMS™, one can not only see how much you having and where it is located but, you can also sell, reinvest, donate, salvage and do almost anything to your surplus assets and not to depend on other people to store and keep the thing going. This will definitely help my friend to ease off a bit of his work so that he can take some good rest and not to have to work 24/7.


cheefulday said...

Logistic must deal with alot of paperwork and inventory

babyfiona said...

cheefulday-yeah! when he not doing his paperwork, he will be in the warehouse.