Thursday, December 13, 2007

Looking For Parking Space?

Hmm...Not bad! Not bad at all!

This website at is really good especially if you are looking for London Garages listing. I just found quite a lengthy list on London parking space and garages for sale and rental. The website provides a helpful listing whereby you can search on nationwide or London Parking spaces and garage for rent. You can also leave down your email address and let them notify you when they found any new parking spaces near London when it’s become available.

Nice huh? Just a great service they having here. How I wish, my place here will have such service, but too bad because all these parking spaces at my place here is under different managements and not only that, its will be so hard to get them to gather all the parking spaces here and group them in a list. It’s a disaster here at my place to get a decent parking space especially at peak seasons when people come around, stopped by for lunch and dinner. You should come and see the situation and you will get what I mean. People will double park or even triple park due to not enough parking spaces or because they couldn't get any parking at all but some which are really inconsiderate, will just double park and create a massive jam because of their ignorant.

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