Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Avanza

Hehe, pretty soon my avanza will be transformed into a super avanza. Planning to add in unichip soon to eliminate the rev limit of 6000. The second item to go in will be rear anti roll bar from Ultra Racing and then followed by 15 inch rare wide base low wide base rim with semi-slick tyre.

I guess some might be wondering what the heck is "unichip". Unichip is actually a piggy back chip to remap the fuel mapping, opening and closing of valve timing and re-tune it to a more sporty mode acceleration and also economised for fuel saving. It can also be used to eliminate the speed limiter in your car. For instance, a maximum revving limit for Avanza will be 6000 rev and speed limit about 180km/h for 1.5. After added unichip and some re-tuned fuel mapping later, the car can obtain higher revving up to 7000 or 7500 and also additional top speed of at least 10km/h and above. Sounds pretty cool huh? Factory stock engine for japanese made car normally is lock below the actual power output of the engine.

A lot of people misunderstood the potential avanza have. This videoclip will pretty much show with proper knowledge and driving skill can do to any car..

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