Thursday, December 27, 2007

Survivor's Law 2 律政新人王 2

Saw this drama previewing at the Astro for quite some times and found it quite interesting. From a few minutes preview, I found the story line quite interesting in the fact that, its featuring new actor and actresses instead of those who had been so long in the industry. Well, want to know more, check out below for the synopsis!

Survivor's Law 2 律政新人王 2

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"Equal Justice Under Law"
It isn't Slanted by Prejudice or Bias of Any Kind.

Start Airing (TVB): 24th December, 2007 - Every Mon~Fri, 9.30pm (HK Time) @ TVB Jade Channel (replacing Marriage of Inconveniences) / Astro On Demand Channel
Producer: Kwan Wing Chung
Scriptwriter: LLee Yee Wah & Chu King Kei
Cast: Sammul Chan, Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Ella Koon, Rebecca Chan, Lee Chi Hung, Power Chan Kwok-Pong, Queenie Chu


Righteous young man SUN MAN KWAN (Ma Kwok Ming) comes from the grassroots. To put the doctrine "All men are equal before the law" to the test, he study law at university. After a few years of hard work he has finally become a lawyer. Although his boss appreciates his unconventional way of doing things, his colleagues always try hard to avoid him. His personal assistant, CHEUK WAI MING (Chan Kin Fung), is an exception. MING admires KWAN's out-of-the-box style and always lends him a hand on the quiet. As time goes by, two men become good friends.

KWAN defies the rich and the influential. In light of this, he looks down upon SUEN LEI LEI (Ella Koon), who is also a lawyer, for what she does and how she behaves. Their frequent co-operations very often are full of hilarious episodes. In LEI's eyes, KWAN is no different than a rascal who leads a lousy life and who always dallies with women. Later on, LEI is attacked and almost gets killed because of a lawsuit. Fortunately, KWAN comes to her rescue. Not until then does she realize she loves him indeed. But fate has it that she and MING have become lovers for the sake of her father's business. Meanwhile, just when their relationship is at a standstill, MING learns that his ex-girlfriend, CHENG CHOI YUK (Lee Sze Wan), is pregnant with his child.

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