Sunday, December 23, 2007

Valentine Planning

Hmmm, let me see, Valentine's Day will be here in no time since we are approaching new year very soon by next week. Since I am no be able to go anywhere for Christmas holiday, I am thinking to have a Valentine's break to Paris. What do you think? Or maybe A romantic Valentine's holiday to Lake Como, Italy?

I don't know, I am still thinking. I wanted something romantic and sweet so that I can spend more time with hubby but he normally would not like to visit such places as he will find the place boring and nothing to do except for sight-seeing.

Well, I guess I need to check out, a leading UK's holiday rentals website which have an inventory of over 45,000 properties to chose from wordwide so I will have more option to choose and well, it's actually, hubby will have his options.

So, for this coming Valentine's Day, what is your plan? Have you book your gateway to a romantic place? Check out
Holiday-Rentals if you have not as if you book a holiday throught them, you can save the agent's fees which cuts up to 40% off the price of your rental.


amei79 said...

Ya, another 53 days, valentine is coming. Is a special day 4me & gf, coz is our 1 year anniversary we in relationship... :)

babyfiona said...

amei79 - sweet! You can even calculate the days left to valentine :D. Your gf is so lucky :P