Monday, January 28, 2008

How I Can Affort To Change Hair Style Everyday!

I don't like the structure of my hair, I really don't like it as it is so limp that I can not really style my hair like those celebrities even with the usage of hair gel, moose and air blowing method as after a while, it will be back like it natural way. Sigh!

Well, that did not stop me from playing with my hair. I like the feel of having different style every day and every time I go for a function or even a normal day out with friends. If I can, I will try to rotate one day of being long haired and one way of short hair. I don't know, but I feel great having that kind of thought.

Anyway, to have different kind of hair style, my only option is to get some Wigs so that I can change my hair style everyday. Of course, I will only go for Name Brand medical quality wigs which can be found at Wig Salon, had been in this business since 1969, is the world's oldest comprehensive wig site that carries lots of style with quality, comfort and most important, at an affordable price. So now you know my secret of everyday changing of my hair style!

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atique said...

heii why dont you try straightening iron, and curlig iron? they do can make many various of different hairstyle especially the curl, you can try several size of curl roll :D