Saturday, January 12, 2008

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The street are full of people. This is the time all go out and get them self all new thing for the coming Chinese New Year festival. I can see lots of them bought so many thing until here are not enough hand to carry the shopping bags while some left the shopping complex empty handed. I am one of them. Walk the whole day but did not managed to buy anything back. All I did is spent money on food and parking.

On that day itself, I saw 2 ghost alike couple that make up them self to look like the character in the A day before Christmas. Every single people that passed by them will look back again to make sure that they did not seen a ghost instead. Well, that was what happen to me as well.
I thought that I SEE GHOST!Image Hosted by

Luckily it is not! Image Hosted by if not I can come up with a new movie call, My Both Eye Can See Ghost!

People Mountain, people Sea!
Image Hosted by

Sorry, this picture was taken while I am eating my favorite snack outside Low Yat plaza. Saw a lot of people walking here and there but when I wanted to take picture, everyone seem to hide from the camera..

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