Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nowadays Kid Versus My Generation

Today I saw a kid around 10 years old is holding a latest handphone and calling someone on the other side. A few steps away, his brother (its must be the brother, as they look like cookie mold to me) was busying walking toward me with both his eyes stick to his white colour PSP. I think, this is a very normal scene you can see every single day and nowadays, kid are lucky!

Very lucky compare to my generation where at that age of 6 to 10 years old, I can only afford to run around with bunch of friends playing hide and seek, or soldier and thief, masak-masak, or after a few days restraining myself from not buying anything to eat for few days at school, I will have money to buy a stack of card game.

I remember that to own a Donkey Kong hand held video game is almost impossible for me as at that time, it will cost me around 50 ringgit and one day of my allowances is only 60 cents. I will have to starve myself at least 2 and a half month then I can be able to buy myself that but, even if I starve myself for it, it will not be a wise thing to do as 50 ringgit at that time is very big amount. Money save will be used to buy books, not story books, but those school buku latihan that you need to use every single day at school.

Nowadays kid, what they want, they will get it. PSP, hand phone, Mp3 player, Camera that worth hundreds or thousand of ringgit. It is so easy for them!!


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