Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rollator As Alternative

Finding a wheel chair for your loved ones? Why not get them a GoWheelchair-Rollator-2 instead?

If you have a relative or know someone who is handicapped, a rollator can be a good alternative for them to replace the wheelchair as it function like a walker. It comes with four wheels, brakes, backrest and flip down seat and a basket or pouch is often included for the user easy usage when they wanted to buy something or just as a place to put their belonging while they are on the walk. It is a very popular alternative since it is easier to use and push compare with the traditional walkers.

I should have got one for my grand mother when she starts to have problem with her walking. But unfortunately, I can not find it anywhere in my area and thus, my grand mother's leg getting worst and was not be able to walk anymore after quite some time. How I wish that I can order from overseas at that moment but I know that it is very expensive to have it send over all the way from overseas.

I had just finished checking out and guess what; they are giving free shipping for all the orders over US$ 100. Sigh, I guess I am late checking out the website as my grand mother is not here with us anymore. *SOB*

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