Saturday, January 26, 2008

Shopping At Made In Usa Forever

Hey! It's the time for shopping spree again! This time, I am so going to visit that sells products that are made in the USA. Well, here the products are not any normal product, at, they sell hand made items from friends and neighbor.

Founded by Todd Lipscomb as seen as above with her cute daughter, his aim is to provide an easy, fun way for visitor to buy products made in the USA and as well as create jobs for the local. The company, based in San Clemente Ca, which is halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, is determined to protect America's ability to produce their own products and stop to outsourced from other countries. The founder has ten years of experience in high tech industry which one of them is the nation's leading computer component manufacturers.

Well, let stop talking about him and we concentrate on shopping.

Just like any other site that can give you satisfaction of shopping, here you will get more as they will be adding in more new products every week. By the way, other than shopping at, you can also check out their blog after your eyes starts to get tired browsing around for so many products listed in there.

So did you found anything you like? I found too many and I guess I am going to be so broke this month! Save Me!

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