Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Supplement For My Body

I can feel that my body is getting weaker days by days and now I am thinking to get some supplement so that it can help to restore and maybe help a little bit in enhancing and reduce my stress level. I have been getting more and more diamond on my face which is not really a good sign. The doctor I went to visit said that I will need to detox or take more vitamin C to help my body.

I have tried detoxifying and vitamin C as supplement but there are no changes so, the only option i can go for is opt for natural herb supplement. At the moment, I am checking out www.konakavafarm.com to get more information and I had my eyes on their Kava Kava products. Anyway, I will try it first and see how its goes.


Scotty said...

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babyfiona said...

scotty - thanks but i am already a member!