Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cute Bike

I saw this cute bike on the road a while ago on the way to Summit USJ to catch up with the movie Vantage Point. Cute or not? I wonder if its came together with the roof or it is special made by the owner since nowadays people tend to know how to DIY on all thing.

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So, anyone know how much does it cost if it came together in a set? I never seen such bikes on sales before. Not in our country of course. If I can get my hand on one, it will be great! No need to buy a car and no need to pay for road tax.

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er..but I got a problem....I do not have a bike license ..

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Johnny Ong said...

there's a similar bike parked at my condo compound. will go near it to take a pic and check who's the manufacturer.