Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lets Pack Up and Go Travel!

Sometimes I really wanted to go for an escape from my work. If I got the money, I will sure pack my things up and fly to Charente-Maritime, rent a property there and stay for a month or two enjoying my life without need wake up so early, face all those paper works, meeting so many people and the list goes on.

I never been to Charente-Maritime before but I did read about it on the internet and also travel guide directory that said and give review that it is very beautiful, romantic and also popular for all visitor worldwide. I really wish I can be there, just imagine, I can Rent a holiday villa in luxurious La Rochelle and enjoy my daily life full with luxurious spa, 5 stars room service and giant size pool. Oh My!

Or I can Unwind in your own beach cottage on Ile d'Oleron island and enjoy the tanning every single day meeting with the sun, playing beach volley balls and checking out all the handsome hunks there provided my husband is not noticing :p

Oh well, I found out a place where I can do the booking directly from the owner of the property which can save on the agent's fees up to 40% discount! With such huge discount, I can actually stay longer and enjoy more!

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